5 Tips For Moving Office Locations

Moving furniture can be very time consuming and overwhelming, but it can also be very exciting moving into a new space. New office spaces create new company morale and excitement among the staff. Whether you are moving to a bigger and brighter location or downsizing to a smaller, more personal space, these tips and tricks will help you get the office moving job done right.

Planning Ahead

Take the time to put together a plan for not only yourself, but also your employees. Making sure that your staff is informed in advance is very important for both you and them. You never truly know how many personal items your staff have in their workspace until you have to move it all. Giving your employees time in advance to move their items out stress-free will create excitement for the new office space. Another great thing to keep in mind is that moving slowly will make the transition easier for everyone because it will not be as sudden and overwhelming.

Creating Excitement

Some people dread moving, but in the end, it is always worth the time and effort. Making sure you present the move as growth and new scenery will make your staff excited. Consider presenting a mock-up of what the new office will look like. Changing the design and layout of the office makes a huge difference. For example, getting new office equipment and office furniture will not only uplift your space, but it will also help improve your employees’ productivity and motivation. Moving the same furniture and keeping the same design and or style can be successful too, but adding a few new touches to your space will help to keep things fresh.

Hire Outside Help

Moving rarely goes without flaws. Hiring a professional to help will not only take the stress off of you and your employees, but it will make the move seem more fun and easy for everyone involved. Don’t be afraid of the move, be excited about it! If the executive staff is excited, then everyone in the company will be excited as well. Hiring a professional office moving company that will organize and manage the move for you will be extremely beneficial. They will plan out with each department and section of the company on how to go about moving so that each section can be a hassle-free process.


The move is not over yet! Once you settle into your new space, you need to take the next steps like changing your mailing address and updating your online presence so people can find your new office. Don’t forget to update your business cards and any marketing materials that the company has published — making sure that all of your information is correct and up to date is crucial to maintaining professionalism.

What Next?

Now that you know a little bit about the process, do your research and start planning your move to your new space. For more information on how we can help to make your office move a breeze, contact Corporate Office Installations today and get all of your questions answered. Happy moving!