The Benefits of Cubicles

Whether it be safer distancing between employees, increased productivity, or more efficient office planning, there are many benefits to using a cubicle layout. Here are some of our favorite reasons why cubicles might be the solution for your office!

Social Distancing

The social distancing guidelines that have come as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic can be a challenge to implement into an office setting. Most people do not know the right way as to how you can incorporate social distancing while working with others.
With a cubicle layout, you can have every employee working in their own personal “bubble” and adhere to social distancing in the office! The panels of the cubicle allow for privacy and safety between employees, while still keeping work areas open. This also provides more of a flexible work layout for your employees while still maintaining social distancing guidelines.
It is important to remember how to keep yourself safe in the work area with all the changes occurring throughout the world. The benefit of an office cubicle is still being able to work in a work environment and still being able to stay six feet apart, rather than working remotely.
It is also important to seal any barriers such as sealing openings in between cubicles. This will prevent any contact with other employees and maintain social distancing in the office. Social distancing is possible within the workplace, but it needs to be done correctly so everyone can feel safe and comfortable. At Corporate Office Installations, we provide installation services to help meet your office’s unique needs for the safety of your employees.

Other Reasons Why an Office Cubicle is Beneficial

In addition to the ability to practice social distancing in the office, a cubicle layout offers many more benefits. The cubicle gives you a quieter workspace, enhancing focus and giving you more time to yourself to get more work done.

High-Wall vs. Low-Wall Cubicles

Most offices have the low-wall cubicle because this allows some type of contact with cubicle neighbors rather than being more isolated. The low-wall cubicle allows a cutback on distractions with employees and improves productivity. Overall, it all depends on the nature of your company and how you want to design your workspace.

Set Up Your Office with COI

The decision is entirely up to you, but we hope you are able to take some ideas into your own workplace and make some changes that will benefit all of your employees in a safe, healthy way. Corporate Office Installations, located in Boise, Idaho, offers project management and consulting to customers. If you have any questions about your office or want to see how a cubicle system would fit into your layout, give us a call at (208) 947-4004.