Project Management & Consulting of COI

Do you need another eye for your company to help provide oversight and leadership in projects? Well, in this blog we will go over project management and consulting services that Corporate Office Installations can offer to you.

Project Management

For years, we have been helping corporations better organize and plan their projects. We are able to coordinate with other industries when it comes to furniture installation on any level. Project management is a way to prepare you for success by having a team overlook your entire project. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to handle a ton of projects all at once, but having a team to give you relief can be very helpful.
As an office installation company, we do not just work with large office spaces; we can also help with small areas to best benefit any company who is looking for project management. At COI, we are more than happy and willing to work with your schedule to give you the best experience.


Our consulting services will help you plan your office makeover through organization and management. We help give expert advice to anyone who is in the professional or technical field. We have connections which can help your office space turn into a more organized, creative, and productive layout. We can connect you with electricians, data cabling, carpeting, painting, etc. We will handle all of the furniture delivery and details involved, so you can be worry-free!

Why It Is Important?

Consulting and project management are important because it will give your office space a new layout that best appeals to your clients and customers. Partnering with COI is the best way to stay organized and prepare your team throughout the process of an office renovation. It is important to have an enjoyable workspace for your employees and to provide a healthy work environment.
Our team delivers a fresh approach to business solutions to exceed your goals and reach your objectives. If you choose to partner with us, we will create a wide variety of office space while allowing you to design the floor plan that best fits your needs. We want to help reach out to those businesses or companies that need our help and are wanting to overcome obstacles.To learn more about how we can help your office with project management or consulting, contact us today!