Tips for Office Design That Increase Productivity

When looking to increase productivity in your office space, something that managers don’t think of as often is the design and layout of the office. Although it’s not discussed frequently, you can increase the productivity of the workers in your office by making a few simple changes to the office design. From something as minuscule as a chair, to something on a much larger scale like lighting, you can help your employees in a lot of ways. Below, our office planning experts at Corporate Office Installations explore some of the ways you can increase productivity in the office by changing some key design elements. Check it out!


One thing that is often way overlooked when setting up an office is the lighting. Oftentimes, the person putting the office together will just choose the lights that are the cheapest. This generally ends up being cheap fluorescent lights, but these lights can be painful to your eyes and can end up damaging them after a certain amount of time. Not only this, but in the short term it can cause headaches and eye strain. Eliminating these headaches can easily increase the productivity of your employees. Instead, you should consider LED lights, or offer light shades for your employees. This will keep your employee’s eyes out of potentially harmful light as much as possible.

Organization of Offices/Cubicles

Something else that is incredibly important to productivity in the office is the organization of employee workspaces. One good rule of thumb is to place employees that work in the same teams in the same general area. By having their support network surrounding them, it limits how much they have to move around the office to ask a question or chat with team members. Here are some other tips for organizing your office to optimize productivity.


If you’re sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day, you need to have a comfortable chair. A chair that promotes good posture will save your employees’ backs and have them thanking you. Additionally, a comfortable keyboard paired with a good-sized monitor can help reduce potentially distracting joint pain and eye strain. Nowadays, standing desks are all the rave, and providing desks that can be both standing and sitting lets employees move around and stay active throughout the day, which has been proven to increase productivity.

If you need any help reconfiguring your office or installing furniture, give Corporate Office Installations a call! Our experts are here to answer any questions you may have, and look forward to hearing from you.