Open Office Floor Plans: The Pros and Cons

As the world continually evolves, so does the world of business and all of the components that come with it. In 2020, we all saw how technology has made it possible for the workplace to move completely online if need be. However, as offices are continuing to re-open, we start to once again realize the importance of face to face contact in the work setting. With the business world continually evolving, we’ve seen a gradual shift from closed-door offices towards a more open layout. But are open office floor plans really that beneficial? Our office planning experts have done some research and explored the pros and cons of open office floor plans. Read below to see if this type of layout would be a good fit for your company!

The Pros

With the rise in leaders looking to promote collaboration, open office layouts have gained traction in the corporate world. Although this is a crucial benefit to open offices, there are plenty more that can impact your workspace.


As mentioned above, collaboration is one of the main benefits of an open office layout. Gone are the days of having to walk all the way to someone else’s office or cubicle to ask a simple question. In an open office floor plan, you would generally be placed in an area around your team members. This layout style makes collaboration a breeze as employees don’t have to move far to discuss projects or share ideas.

Natural Lighting

Another great benefit of an open office floor plan is all of the natural light that it creates. In a closed office layout, there are a lot more walls that block the natural light from coming in, creating the need for more light bulbs. It’s been proven that natural light increases productivity levels and happiness in employees, whereas the typical office lighting can damage their eyes and make them less productive.

Team Building

In many of today’s corporate offices, organizational culture is a key factor for employee and company success. Being around peers all day, every day will speed up the time it takes to build that sought-after bond between coworkers and ultimately establish a strong office culture.

The Cons

Although there are many pros to an open office floor plan, there are also cons. It’s important to consider these just as much as the pros so you can find something that best fits your employee’s work style.


While collaboration is great for team building and creating better work for many, some team members may be distracted by all of the noise in the office. It can be tempting to excessively talk to team members, whether it’s work-related or not, which can hinder productivity. Some people find it easier to work in quiet places where they can put all of their focus on the task at hand, so it’s important to consider all of your employees’ preferences when designing a new office layout.


Privacy is something that many people value very highly, and the workplace is no exception. In a closed office layout, you can easily shut your office door if you want some time to yourself to concentrate, take phone calls, or even goof off without someone watching over you. Having at least some areas in the office where employees can go for privacy can promote productivity, so it’s important to set up rooms where employees can have some time to themselves even if you do have an open office floor plan.

Whether you’re looking for an open, closed, or hybrid office layout, Corporate Office Installations has you covered. Our team can help you plan out, set up, and furnish your office space in a way that works best for your organization’s unique situation. Give us a call today with any questions you may have or to start your office transformation!