Why You Need a High-Quality Office Chair

Whether it be the talkative coworker, terrible coffee machine, or even the flickering lamp in your office, nothing is more irritating than an uncomfortable office chair. Comfortable office chairs are proven to increase productivity and provide a healthier lifestyle. At Corporate Office Installations, we’ve seen all kinds of office chairs over the years and want to share the knowledge we’ve gained from our experiences, so keep reading!

Improves Neck Problems

Maneuvering and fidgeting around your chair all day is not ideal, but we are sure that everyone has experienced this before. Chairs that do not provide essential support to your neck can cause severe pain and stiffness that can last up to multiple weeks. In the worst case, you can end up suffering from cervical spondylosis, which is the wear and tear of the spinal disk most commonly formed by situations like this. Having an ergonomic chair provides you with neck care support that will help you exponentially.

Posture Support

Bad posture is a huge problem in the working world, mainly due to the fact that you are sitting for half of the day! Slouching over your desk can result in back irritation, neck stiffness, and hip flexor tightness. For many people, posture is compromised mainly due to a backrest that is too short, causing them to lean forward. Leaning forward leads you to lock your pelvis and flex your spine, which ends up putting way too much pressure on your discs. A supportive office chair allows you to have the correct neck support and backrest, improving your posture and personal wellbeing.

Overall Productivity

When sitting in an especially comfortable chair, you are in a relaxed state of mind. Being relaxed and comfortable while at work is a contributor to productivity. Having an enjoyable seat allows you to swivel around, recline back as necessary, and not force you to get up every 30 minutes to stretch out! Also, let’s face it, an undesired chair does not make you want to come into work for 8 hours a day and get a lot done! Having a better attitude throughout the workweek stems from a comfortable environment, which is why this is such an important factor!

There are many other factors that influence the importance of an ergonomic office chair, so you should do your research before buying the appropriate chair for you! Corporate Office Installations would be happy to get you the right office chairs and even install it for you, so contact us today to alleviate your discomfort at work!