Top 3 Benefits of A Standing Desk

Over the years, we’ve seen many trends in office design and organization. We’ve gone from cubicles and closed offices to open office layouts, office chairs to exercise balls, and of course traditional desks to standing desks. Standing desks can offer many benefits to you and can positively impact you in the workplace. COI’s own office furniture experts have made a list of the top benefits of using a standing desk vs. a traditional one; keep reading to find out!

Free Yourself of Back Pain

One of the top complaints that result from sitting at a desk is back pain. If you don’t have a well-designed chair that supports your back and you have to sit for 8 hours a day, problems can begin to develop fairly quickly. Even if you do have a chair that works well with your posture, it can still get uncomfortable when sitting for extended periods of time. Many studies have shown that standing at a desk can reduce back pain and increase blood flow significantly because you have better posture when standing. Not only this, but today there are desks that can move in between a sitting and standing position. This means if you get tired of standing, you still have the option to sit!

Prevent Weight Gain

Generally, when people buy a standing desk they are doing it for one of two reasons: to fix back pain and to prevent gaining weight. A standing desk will of course help you burn more calories than if you were sitting. Standing requires use of more of our muscles, therefore burning more calories. This alone will not prevent you from gaining weight, but it can help if paired with a brisk walk on your lunch break.

Lower Your Blood Sugar Levels

When you take your lunch, it’s a given that your blood sugar will spike post-meal. This high spike can be partially mitigated by using a standing desk. Studies show that even standing for a little bit of time can help your blood sugar level out compared to someone who sits all day. In the linked study above, it shows that even standing for a couple of hours a day can help with your glucose levels. It helps your glucose levels not only while standing, but through the entire rest of your day and through the night.

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