Tips for Maximizing Space in a Small Office

When you start to organize your new office space you may come to realize that your space is smaller than you thought. This can be a difficult task to overcome. Having a well-organized space is beneficial for employee motivation and ensuring they have enough room for the tasks their job entails. Fear not – there are solutions to making an office space work even if it has a small layout. Below, the Corporate Office Installations team has outlined a few of our favorite tips to maximize space in a small office. Check it out!

Desk Hutch

One of the simplest solutions for creating more space in your office is to purchase a desk with an overhead hutch. Some desks come with a pre-installed hutch so you don’t have to worry about finding one that matches. If you already have a desk and choose to add a hutch, all you have to do is set it on top and place a couple of screws to keep it secure. In the hutch, you can store files, folders, and any extra supplies. A desk hutch is a great way to save space because it stacks on top of your desk and gives more storage without having to rearrange your floorplan.


Similar to the desk hutch, installing shelves utilizes unused vertical space. Shelves can be as simple or as intricately designed as you would like. They can be used for displaying pictures or other decorative items, or you can use them to store file folders and office supplies. There are extremely cheap options for shelves on Amazon or any similar site, or you can buy more complicated shelving units to add more style into your office space. If you’re a handy person, you can build yourself a floating shelf if you are looking to add your own personal touch!

Get Rid of Paper

The days of employees working on paper are almost completely gone and most office jobs will have you solely on a computer. However, there are still some occasions when you need to use printers for important documents. This can take up so much extra space because you have to file all these documents somewhere in the office. Filing cabinets are often too big and paper organizers on your desk look too cluttered. Why print at all when we have computers that are capable of sharing documents with all employees? In the long run, going paperless in your office will save you tons of space and money!

Keyboard Tray

Another simple way to increase desk space is to get a keyboard tray. Although it doesn’t produce as much space as the other solutions, it will still leave you more workspace on your desk. Many office desks will come with a keyboard tray but if yours doesn’t, you can buy an attachable tray to place on your desk to create more room!

At Corporate Office Installations, we’re office furniture experts. Our project consultation services would be very beneficial for you if you’re having trouble while trying to organize your small office space. Give us a call today and find out how we can help you!