The Top 5 Reasons to Reconfigure Your Office

It’s only natural that your office layout will experience changes as your team grows and your functionality evolves. While it may seem scary to change the layout of your entire office, the benefits you’ll experience are surely worth it. Reconfiguring your office layout can result in increased productivity, improved workflow, new chances for collaboration, boosted morale, and even better organization. It’s also more affordable than moving your office space completely!
Corporate Office Installations will be there to help you every step of the way through your office reconfiguration. But if you’re still on the fence, here are our top 5 reasons to reconfigure your office.

Improved Mood and Productivity

It’s widely known that your environment heavily influences your mood, so it makes sense to take office layout, flow, and organization into account when designing a space. An area’s aesthetics influence how we interact and think, and even slight changes to visual appeal of workspaces have been found to influence worker’s productivity. Drab and static offices have been shown to hurt morale and productivity, so it’s important to experiment with layouts to help keep employees from tiring of their surroundings.
An easy way to spice up an office layout is to place desks near windows, making as much use of natural lighting as possible. You can also try creating collaborative spaces; introduce whiteboards or smart boards to encourage employees to work together on problems as they arise. Consider utilizing greenery in your office design. Not only do they improve air quality, but a recent study found that employees were happier and showed increased rates of productivity in offices with plants as opposed to those with a ‘leaner’ design.
Beyond aesthetic design, an office reconfiguration should also consider the flow of people, paper, and wayfinding technology. Make sure your office is easy to navigate, not only for your employees, but your clients and visitors as well. Less frustration in navigation leads to an overall happier experience.

Enhancing Space Utilization

Most current businesses aren’t laid out based on workflows or traffic patterns. They’re just “defaulted” to what has been done in the past, or possibly they haven’t changed to begin with. But business layouts aren’t permanent, nor should they be. Layouts need to be reconfigured to align with what they’re being utilized for. More efficient workflow, less traffic crossover, and consideration of resource sharing all need to be prioritized when redesigning the office floor. These elements must also be considered when designing a space like a customer waiting area. It’s quite possible to reduce the area used for a waiting room while still making it more impressive.

Updating Technology

We live in a digital age where technology is constantly changing. Using tech that’s behind the times can lead to lower efficiency, so an office reconfiguration gives you the perfect excuse to upgrade your technology.
With the installation of wireless devices and cloud computing, you can make use of areas that once housed your hardware and wiring and convert them into beneficial spaces. Streamlining your use of space helps to reduce travel time in the office. You can implement the latest tech in your workspace to help your employees stay innovative, communicative, and efficient.

Forced Organization

Office reconfiguration forces employees to clean out their desks and change seats. They’ll have to reorganize their belongings at their new desks, and though that may seem like a bit of a chore it’s actually very beneficial. Cluttered and messy areas can become sources of unnecessary stress, as our brains often recognize them as “unfinished business.” It’s more difficult to focus on a specific task if you have something overwhelming your visual field. Decluttering and organizing, even if forced to do so, can lead to an increased attention span as our brains get a chance to relax.
Beyond a mental break, cleaning is just generally beneficial. It gives you a chance to take back your space and gain control over your environment. Many people can relax and find calm in the process of cleaning as well.
On an office-wide level, implementing desks with extra storage, filing cabinets, desktop organizers, and cabinets can all help to boost organization. You want to aim for organization at both the individual and team level when reconfiguring your office.

Safe Distancing

Many businesses are still in the process of returning to the office and need to consider safe distancing protocols. Making the office safely distanced could be as simple as arranging desks back-to-back, or just spacing out individual workspaces.
Reconfiguring the office gives you an entirely new floor plan that can be based on set distances. It enables you to take spaces that don’t fall within a safe distance range, like small conference rooms and break rooms, and redesign them as needed. You can also consider installing flow management systems, antimicrobial surfaces, and sanitization stations. Your actions will let your employees know that you take their health seriously, all while keeping your team safe.

Once you’ve decided to proceed with office reconfiguration, make sure you contact the experts! From space planning to installation, Corporate Office Installations can help make office reconfiguration simple. Design your dream office, give us a call today