Benefits to Using Cubicles

Many offices opt to use cubicles for a variety of reasons including their many positive aspects and ability to flexibly layout your office. Whether you are a quiet, serious business or a chatty, outgoing office, cubicles can help you and your office space.

Social Distancing

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, strict social distancing guidelines have been implemented to ensure the safety of all employees. There are different ways to handle these issues, a great one is using cubicles. Every employee essentially has their own personal “bubble” and can easily adhere to the policies in the office. The panels of the cubicle allow for privacy and safety between employees, while still keeping the work areas open.
This layout is very flexible, and people can be productive while still having the sense of community. It is important to keep yourself and others safe in the workplace, and the frequency at which guidelines continue to change can be difficult to monitor. Cubicles are a helpful and simple way of being six feet away from others, enabling you to stay in the same office rather than work remotely.
Another tip is to seal any barriers such as sealing openings in between cubicles. This will help maintain social distancing in the office. This can be a tricky task and needs to be done correctly. Here at Corporate Office Installations, we provide installation services to ensure the safety of your employees. Every office is different and we are here to help every unique situation be as comfortable and safe as possible.

Personal Space

Being around people all day can be exhausting, and working while trying to communicate with fellow employees can be difficult. Cubicles offer the personal space to get in the zone, be productive, and not constantly bothered. Adding a sign to your door when in a meeting, letting them know you are busy, or just saying now’s not a good time allows you to have the personal space you desire. If you are feeling friendly though, it’s easy to let people know you are available and want to chat.

Higher Productivity

Constantly being around people all day can tend to make one get tired and unmotivated. With cubicles, the productivity rates are much higher. Cubicles tend to be much quieter and although you may hear conversations once in a while, you are not looking at the people so it’s easier to tune them out. It is also nice to be close-but not too close-to people so you can easily share ideas. Running things by coworkers or your boss is a great way to feel confident in your work and ask questions if you need help. It makes everyone feel on an equal playing field and there to accomplish your goals. The cubicle setup allows for great collaboration and communication.


There are two types of cubicles; low-wall and high-wall. They both have pros and cons and are used depending on the office wants/design/etc. Most offices have the low-wall style, which allows for more contact rather than being a bit isolated. It allows a cutback on distractions and ability to communicate with other employees. High-walls allow for a very quiet space and less emphasis on chatting or distractions. If you strive to have a good environment with open communication and employee thoughts, a low wall may be ideal. On the other hand, if you are focused on detailed work with little room for distraction, a high wall would be the way to go. Overall, the choice depends on the nature of the workplace and how you want to design the setup.
Do you have children or cute pets? You want to hang pictures in your office to see them! Cubicles allow you to decorate your own little space however you want. Are you more traditional with less decor, or do you want it to be glam and full of everything you need? Whatever your style is, cubicles allow for customization, which gives employees a sense of self and allows them to feel comfortable and enjoy their space.

Making decisions that are right for your individual business is important. If you are interested in cubicle installation or thinking of new ways to switch up your office layout, give us a call. Corporate Office Installations is located in Boise, and offers a variety of services including installation, consulting, space planning, and other helpful areas to customers. If you have questions or want to see how we could help you transform your space today – check out our website today or call us at (208) 947- 4004