Essential Office Cleaning Tips and Tricks [Checklist]

Essential Office Cleaning Tips and Tricks [Checklist]

It’s the start of a new year and I think it’s safe to say that everyone is ready to press that refresh button.
In the business world, the new year means that employers are laying down the foundation for this year’s new company goals and office employees are preparing themselves to meet them.
Whether you are working from home or working in an office, a great way to increase productivity and help your team start off on the right foot is to refresh your office space!

Studies have shown that a dirty and cluttered workspace will actually undermine productivity which costs the average business owner a lot of time and money.
A great way businesses combat office procrastination and help employees increase productivity is surprisingly through professional office cleaning.
Whether you are working from home or on location, increase your productivity with a deep clean of your workspace using these simple tricks and tips.

On Location Office Cleaning Services

Professional office cleaning services vary depending on the workspace. Oftentimes, a corporate-owned branch will offer a daily end-of-day office cleaning service along with the general maintenance tasks used by general office buildings—though, these cleaning services sometimes seem like mild disinfecting services mixed with a bit of straightening up.

These daily cleaning practices are amiable in that they create a more organized workspace, but to start off the new year feeling refreshed, we suggest an actual deep clean of those high touch areas and hard surfaces of the office.

Breakrooms and Common Areas

It’s no surprise that breakrooms and common areas are some of the dirtiest places in the office. This is mainly because they are common meeting areas where people can take a breath and refocus before returning to their work.

Unfortunately, regular cleaning is not enough for these high traffic areas. They usually contain multiple hard surfaces that need to be both disinfected and deep cleaned on a regular basis.
Cleaning all surfaces and equipment such as coffee makers, refrigerator handles, tables, and floors are of the utmost importance in disinfecting those high-touch areas.
Using bleach is a good way to keep the area smelling clean and prevent germs from sticking. However, a more natural heavy duty cleaner is white vinegar diluted with water and used with a microfiber cloth.

Personal Cubicles

People treat their workspace like their second home, and why shouldn’t they? The average American will spend 90,000 hours (1/3 of the average lifespan) at work. Those who occupy a cubicle know that making a cubicle personal is an important part of the day-to-day happiness of employees.
People eat their lunches, snack on food, and spend at least 7.5 hours a day in this small space.
Meaning that cleaning off your desktop, dusting off keyboards, and cleaning any other surface with a disinfection solution is critical to a healthy environment.

Cleaning your cubicle walls is an extremely important matter. Sometimes spills splash from your desk onto carpets and cubicle walls.
To free the cubicle wall, carpet, and floor from possible bacterial growth, a mild dish detergent mixed with warm water is recommended by most cleaning experts.

Chairs, Walls, and Shelves

What do these three surfaces have in common? They are easily forgettable when it comes to cleaning.
Every day, people sit on their chairs, touch the armrest, touch the seat, and very rarely do they wipe the chair surface down. Dirt and oils from your hands accumulate on these surfaces and need to be cleaned often with a cleaning solution.

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This is also true of door knobs and handles. When cleaning your office, make sure not to forget to disinfect all handles and doorknobs.
Desks accumulate dust which builds over time and can cause respiratory issues. Dusting should be a regular part of the cleaning services offered by most buildings but is hard to reach or see places that can be forgotten.
It’s good practice to dust by picking up items and cleaning beneath everything so that your space is always fresh and dust-free everywhere.

Home Office Cleaning

If you happen to work from home, office upkeep can be challenging. Not everyone has a designated room to use as a home office and surfaces are often shared for multiple purposes. In addition to your regular house cleaning routine, the area where you work needs to be free of dust and clutter.

Hiring cleaning experts for your home may or may not be within your budget but cleaning your workspace is essential to your new year’s work efficiency. Whether you are in a house or an apartment, we maintain that a clean work area will help you be a better team member for the office and for your own sanity.

Desk Accessories

Hard surfaces like your desktop are easy enough to dust and disinfect. But what about the items on top of your desk?

Your mouse, phones, staplers, and other surfaces all need to be wiped down with a damp microfiber cloth. These are items that we touch every day, and the oil transferred from our hands pulls dirt and debris into the crevices of these surfaces.
Wash and disinfect these devices with a cloth and a mild detergent after first dusting.
Desks create the ultimate opportunity for clutter to gather. When you clean your desk and organize your space in an orderly fashion, it will be easier to be a productive and less distracted member of your team.

Essential Office Checklist

Office Cleaning Tools

Disinfectant wipes (such as Clorox)
Microfiber cloth
Paper towels
Glass cleaner
Mild dish detergent
Broom, Dustpan
Baking Soda
Rubber or Latex gloves
Trash bags

Do Not Forget These Areas!

We put trash in the trash can, but how often do those trash cans get cleaned?
Trash can liners do protect the container from coming in contact with a lot of trash items, but we all know that these liners can also rip and tear.
Be sure to clean your trash cans while performing the deep clean of your office.

Cleaning Conclusion

Cleaning and disinfecting your office is clearly not a quick job. Hiring a professional cleaning service may fit better into your schedule or you can plan a day to really dig into the corners and crevices of your office.
A clean office creates a healthy and happy work environment making people more efficient at their job. If you are looking for a professional cleaning service in the Boise area, our cleaning experts at Corporate Office Installations can help with any office cleaning services you may need!