Design and Furniture Must-Haves For Your Dream Office

Creating a workplace that fits the needs and wants of the company can be a challenge. But whether you decide to put your creativity to use when furnishing a new office or contact a team of designers, the end result is always the best part. If you need assistance, Corporate Office Installations is at your service! Corporate Office Installations can help you plan out the project, move and reconfigure furniture, install audio and visual equipment, and more.

Make sure to take into account the space and design of the office before buying any furniture. You can check out Facebook, Pinterest, and Google to find plenty of inspiration. Or, for an additional cost, hiring a designer will give you a plethora of ideas. No matter the design, your top priority should be your employees.Keep your employees satisfied with these 4 office furniture must-haves!

Quality Office Chairs

A chair is one of the most important features for a job that requires sitting down for hours. When ordering new chairs for the office, you will probably receive it in many pieces, but depending on the complexity of the chair it may be easy to build. It will come in a box with instructions to read and will most likely require basic tools. The benefits of having a quality chair include:

  • Improved posture
  • Reduced back pain
  • Increased productivity at work

If the chair lacks these basic requirements like lumbar support and adjustable height, you will tend to lean forward. This will increase your risk of having poor posture in the future. Poor posture and an uncomfortable sitting arrangement can result in pain in the lower back and neck. The main function of an office chair is to provide you comfort throughout the workday. Having a comfortable office chair will not only enhance employees’ moods, but it will make them more productive throughout the day!


Sit and Stand Environment

Standing desks have become more and more popular throughout the years due to the benefits they provide. Having the option to stand or sit based on preference will ensure the satisfaction of employees at work.

Stand-up desks are multi-functional due to their adjustable height. This allows you to raise the desk so you can stand, or lower it if you want to sit. You won’t need to move locations if you’d like to stand up, just raise your desk!

Another feature of standing desks is that many of them have wheels. This gives you the opportunity to rearrange your office layout to create a more collaborative workspace or to form teams. This can also create a feeling of community in the workplace, and help to build internal relationships within the company.


Storage Spaces

Although most work these days is conducted through the use of technology such as phones and laptops, storage cabinets are a good place to keep collections of important paper documents and files.

If you have a lot to store, consider using magazine files to organize your paperwork with. Another great hack is having “secret” storage beneath your desk that you can pull out if needed. It is a great spot to not only hold paperwork but also your pens, pencils, and other items you would usually put on your desk. Use organizers to avoid clutter!

Design, Details, and Decor

Adding design to the office is a great way to make the space more welcoming. Decorating the walls with art, hanging up a sign, or putting plants around the office are fun ways to bring the workplace to life.

Depending on the layout of the space you are working with, storage shelves can create a unique design for the workplace. Your workplace can feel homier through the placement of books, files, and decor. Just be sure to keep your displays neat and uncluttered.

When it comes to designing your desk, we suggest utilizing small storage containers. They give you easy access to pens, pencils, and other utensils which will keep the place looking neat!

Vision Board

A vision board is a perfect opportunity to set work and personal goals for your team, as well as a fun way to reach them. The benefits of using a vision board include:

  • Providing motivation
  • Keeping you on track with your goals
  • Creating good intentions
  • Pushing your team towards an achievement

Vision boards are an innovative way to create a positive atmosphere in the office by providing an interactive wall design.

You can utilize these tips to transform the atmosphere of your office. One of the many highlights of redesigning the office space is picking out all the minor and major details and designs that will be used. From designing the layout of the office to helping with furniture installation, Corporate Office Installations is here to help you with your office redesign!