The Best Furniture to Fit Your New Office

Whether you’re looking to upgrade the look of your office or start completely from scratch, you need to have a plan about the office experience you’d like your office to portray. For many businesses in this day and age, that experience often revolves around open design.
If you are looking to create a new, open look in your office, your first step is to pick out the right office furniture. Having the right desk, chairs, and lobby design helps to achieve the look your office issearching for.

Open Desks

The open office is designed with easy communication in mind, meaning open desks are the way to go. Open desks allow you to view your entire workspace and often help people to feel as though they are part of a group.
Open desks come in a variety of colors, the most popular being white and black. If you have a higher budget to spend, glass desks are a great way to achieve the modern look you are searching for. On the flipside, you can choose wooden desks to bring about a more traditional aesthetic.

New Chairs, New Comfort

There are a wide variety of chair options to choose from on the market today. As long as your chairs match your design elements, it’s hard to go wrong with choosing one. However, besides looks, two important factors to consider when purchasing chairs are comfort and support. Be sure to avoid chairs that look stiff, as sitting in them for long periods of time will contribute to backpain and heacaches.
Your open office layout may call for the use of multiple types of chairs, so don’t be afraid to purchase more than just one design! Diverse chair shapes and colors can lead to a vibrant office environment. Just make sure that they look cohesive when put together.

The Modern Lobby

You want to make the best impression possible when potential new hires or customers step into your office for the first time. This is where the design of your lobby comes into play. Beyond being clean and inviting, your lobby should introduce your company. You can do this by placing your logo and company name in front of the entrance to your office.
The furniture required for your lobby depends heavily on its size. A relatively small entrance may fit two seats and a small table, while a larger lobby may fit multiple couches. Some lobbies may not have seating room at all, but should still be decorated in a way that doesn’t make it feel cramped.
Lobbies should be decorated with items that compliment the open style but still add a pop of color or design to the space. This is done through the type and placement of your decor. You can look for fun paintings or photos that stand out from the office space, or commission artwork that suits your brand. Choosing your decor is your chance to get creative and fun as you create a distinct workspace.

The Small Things

A little bit goes a long way when it comes to making your office look more open. When designing the layout of your office, make sure to keep two key factors in mind.
First, design your office so that it feels like you have more open space. You want your office to be a relaxed and comfortable environment that seems bigger than it actually is. This can be done by having a good amount of space between the desks, making sure walkways are clear, and not going overboard on decorations.
Second, you should strive to create personality in your office. Having multiple whiteboards, pictures, and art in an office can help to make the workspace feel more interesting and exciting while still embracing the open concept.

Upsides to the Open Office

The benefit of having an office that is set up like this is that it allows for communication to happen much easier from person to person. Furthermore, it lets different branches of the office see one another and understand what it is that they are doing, which can create better collaboration among coworkers.
This type of office design is more appealing to younger people, and can be a reason for why they would want to work for you and not a competitor.

Downsides to an Open Office

Unfortunately, this office style does not come without its downsides. Open offices, by definition, do not allow for private spaces for those working in the office. While this can be a problem for those who desire their personal space, this is not always an issue for people working in communication-focused industries.
Open offices may come with hidden costs due to employee distraction rate, which may prove to be a disadvantage in the long run.

Let us Help you Set it up

Once you get an idea of the types of desks, chairs, and furniture that will be going into your office, contact Corporate Office Installations for help putting it all together! We do everything from space planning to furniture installation, making sure that you get the most out of any office space you have. If you’re moving offices or just looking to rearrange your current location, give COI a call.