When you’re starting a new office configuration project or looking to upgrade your office furniture, the team at Corporate Office Installations can help! Let us help manage your project as well as provide you with a professional consultation to get the most out of your office space!

Office furniture installation can be a headache, but it doesn’t have to be! Give COI a call today and let us help you get your new furniture assembled and configured in a way that will keep your office space healthy, happy, and organized!

Mapping out office space to make it as efficient as possible while still creating a welcoming work environment can be challenging. Fortunately, the professionals at Corporate Office Installations know just how to find that balance!

Give your employees a little more privacy and personal space with cubicles or office partitions! As well as fostering trust in your employees, cubicles and office partitions from COI help to give everyone the dedicated workspace they need to succeed!

Office furniture can see a lot of wear and tear over time, even if you don’t necessarily think about it. Corporate Office Installations has the skills and the expertise to clean, repair, and refresh your office furniture to give it new life!

When you need somewhere to store office furniture or fixtures, never fear! COI has a great storage facility for all of your office storage needs. Let us help you stay organized and keep your on-site storage clear of clutter!

When it’s time to reorganize your office, the task may seem a little daunting. The Corporate Office Installations team of professionals specializes in space planning and office reconfiguration, saving you time and stress!

If you’re opening or relocating to a new office, moving can seem time-consuming and stressful. Let COI help coordinate all of your office moving needs! We know that downtime is the biggest enemy for an efficient business. Let us lend a hand and experience little to no downtime at all!

In our digital age, high-quality audio/visual equipment is essential for any office. Corporate Office Installations has an in-house team of highly-skilled a/v technicians that can get your office audio/visual installations done correctly and efficiently!

In any office, phone lines and internet hookups are a must. COI works with local vendors to coordinate all cabling installations, keeping your office project running smoothly and getting your office up to date and ready for use as soon as possible!