Office Trends To Follow In 2021

We are halfway through 2021 and countless trends have been introduced to offices worldwide. With employees slowly returning to the office, many issues that went unnoticed before are being addressed. Whether that be unproductive office layouts or simply finding ways to make the business more efficient, changes are being made! Our team at Corporate Office Installations has created a list of the top office trends you should implement!

Completely Paperless

Making the switch to be a paperless business has been an ongoing process for years. However, 2020 forced companies to streamline their process and go completely paperless in a matter of months! Although it was a little hectic at first, companies are saving time and money. They are also finding that they can interact with clients more efficiently and they are staying organized by keeping all of their documents online. If you have not started the switch to paperless then you are likely to fall behind your competitors. With fewer customers entering the office, streamlining your process enhances their experience and keeps them coming back. Businesses are reaping numerous benefits of going paperless!

Employees Choose The Layout

Did you know allowing your employees to choose the layout of their office space helps boost their productivity? Studies have shown that while open office layouts are very popular, it all depends on the worker. There are pros and cons to open layouts as well as cellular layouts. This is why the trend for allowing employees to choose the layout is gaining popularity. Another option for employees is to work remotely. Remote working was rarely offered for employees in the past, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most offices shut down and had everyone work from home. This showed employers that people are able to be productive wherever they are comfortable and further proved they should be able to help choose the office layout.

Sustainable Offices

Sustainable offices cover a wide variety of eco-friendly changes that many businesses are incorporating. A few of the most popular trends include…

  • Reusable office supplies
  • Reduce printing in the office
  • Buy second hand furniture
  • Eliminate paper towels and other single use items
  • Use green cleaning products

All of these ideas are very easy to implement in your office and if you already have made these changes, there are many other ways you can go green! A lot of employees take pride in saying their office is working hard to better the environment. If these changes seem overwhelming, you can start with small changes and slowly work to conquer bigger initiatives.

By the end of the year, there will likely be more trends to implement into your office but for now, these are among the most popular. If you are looking to change your layout or have any questions about how you can improve your office, contact Corporate Office Installations today!