How to Refresh Your Office Space for Fall

Whether you are in your office or working from home, it’s fun to spice things up for fall. Whether you’re just making it smell good or decorating for the season, it puts everyone in a good mood and can boost productivity throughout the office. When visitors come in they will be impressed with the office environment and keeping up with the seasons. It shows some company values and that you are constantly refreshing things. These ideas are simple and affordable and sure to be a hit.


The fall colors are beautiful. Watching the trees turn from green to orange and red is so fun. Decorating your office spaces is just as fun. Grab some real or fake pumpkins and put them around the office. Maybe add a wreath or some other little things. This can help boost employee morale and put everyone in a good mood.
Grab a little fall welcome mat that doubles as a way to remove dirt and other things from employees coming into work.
Here are some easy DIYS you can do for fall to add some spirit around the office.


One of the best parts of fall are the amazing scents. Cinnamon, pumpkins, and other warm scents give you a cozy feeling. Fall candles are best in the fall, so pick up a few and let the office smell wonderful.
Candles are available at many stores and can range in price. Depending on how fancy you’re feeling – there are some within your budget.


Although, not the healthiest choice, isn’t one of the best parts of fall the candy that comes with it? Having a little candy bowl can be fun and easy for employees to grab a few pieces coming into the office. Getting candy after Halloween is usually cheaper, and you can leave the bowl full for months.
If you are feeling fancy, switch out that candy bowl for some caramel apples, cinnamon cookies, or other fall treats. Maybe adding some caramel or cinnamon to the coffee station to give a fall kick in everyone’s drink. Pumpkin Spice Lattes (PSL) from starbucks are even better if you can make them at work – so spice up your coffee/tea bar to please everyone.

Flowers & Garlands

Seasonally rotating bouquets in the office is a good way to add an effortless touch of fall to any room. Grab some fall colored blooms or wreaths from your local florist or set up ongoing delivery to switch it up. Flowers are not only beautiful, they really add character to a space and bring good energy.
Garlands are a fun way to incorporate some fall colors into your space. Adding it to your desk, bookshelves, or break rooms is an easy way to decorate your space. It can be easily changed out during the year to mimic the current season.

Windows and Rugs

Adding some fall colors around the office is an easy way to get in the fall mood. Adding accent pieces with pops of color are fun. A rug with deep orange, rusty red, or mustard yellow is eye-catching. Switching out the boring white window curtains for some with a design or colors is another easy way to brighten the space.
Even if you just add a little color it will go a long way. Offices are usually full of white, grey, and very dull tones. Adding some color will impress your employees and customers.


Have the paintings or photographs on the wall been there for years? Maybe it’s time to switch them up. Some fall themed art with pumpkins or scenery is a great option. Maybe getting local artwork from schools nearby to get the community involved. Or have your employees bring in some of their kids work. This connects people and switches things up which is good when work gets pretty routine.
If your team is semi artsy, maybe host a little fall night where people can decorate pumpkins, paint, create wreaths, or other easy DIYS. These can be placed around the office and add some spunk. They are also a good talking point for who made that, or wow that person’s talented, Etc.
Whether you are opting for a small fall change or a big one, we are here to help. Check out our website for more information on all our services. Call us today!