Office Cleaning Routine: Why You Need One

Having a clean office is important for more reasons than simply looking organized. A clean office opens the door for higher concentration, increased self-esteem, and happier employees.

A clean office doesn’t happen on its own. Keeping an office space tidy is a collective effort from all employees and can be an efficient system if there are clear cleaning tasks to be completed.

We are here to highlight the reasons an office cleaning checklist is important, as well as provide some example cleaning tips to incorporate into your office!

Communicating Professionalism

When potential new clients and employees step into your office, a neat office explain a lot about how a company operates. First impressions are everything, especially when conducting business deals. To convey professionalism and respect, it is necessary that your office has a cleaning checklist and sticks to it.

Think about it… if the place you worked at was a mess and your coworkers didn’t take the time to clean and maintain an efficient workspace, it is easy to assume that those employees do not take their jobs seriously. Proving why it is essential to prevent this from happening at your office.

Happier Employees

A tidy office can also have a drastic effect on the happiness of your employees. While not every person needs a clean space to work in, common spaces should be kept clean out of respect to those that prefer a neat place to work.

A hygienic and well-designed office can also raise the self-esteem of your employees. They can feel confident showing friends and family their place of work because it communicates professionalism and high status.

Higher Concentration

A cluttered space causes a cluttered mind.

Your environment has a drastic effect on your mental state and how efficient you are. A de-cluttered space will yield higher concentration among employees. To prevent this from happening, you can encourage your employees to organize their spaces and remove any unnecessary items piling up on their desks.

Our Recommended Office Cleaning Routine

Not every office can afford to hire a professional cleaning service. And that’s okay! With a little help from everyone, a spotless office can be your reality.

Implementing weekly cleaning lists provides office employees with a clear direction when it comes to cleaning expectations. Below are several cleaning tasks we recommend for maintaining a healthy workplace that you and your coworkers can surely achieve.

Common Space

Beginning with the common space, regular cleaning in this area is essential because it affects everyone–not just yourself.

Common spaces include the break room, conference room, and sitting areas. In these spaces, it is important for everyone to collectively help empty trash, replace liners in trash receptacles, and use disinfectant to wipe down the coffee table, chair arms, the reception counter, and remove dust off of conference tables.

Providing supplies to make cleaning easier can also help common spaces stay clean. Examples of this are sanitary napkin dispensers, multiple trash cans in each room, and easy-to-use cleaning products. Additionally, posting signs by light switches near the exit of a room is an effective way of reminding employees to clean up after themselves before they leave a room.

Kitchen Area

The kitchen is technically considered a common space, but there are several checklist items that are specific to this area. This list includes, but is not limited to:

  • Make sure to throw away food wrappers
  • Empty and clean the coffee pot at the end of the day
  • Keep paper towel dispensers stocked
  • Wipe down kitchen appliances
  • Throw away unwanted food at the end of the day

Keeping the break room clean comes down to being considerate of your fellow coworkers. When this space is tidy, it can inspire other employees to keep their space clean as well.

Personal Desk

A cleaning checklist for your personal space varies from person to person because some are naturally more organized than others. To encourage employees to keep their spaces clean, an office can make sure they are providing cleaning products around the office for employees to use.

When work gets busy, it is easy to let trash and clutter build up on your desk. Which could mean its time to remove your old food from yesterday’s tupperware lunch off your desk.

When it comes to monthly office cleaning, it is smart to wipe the dust off your shelves, light fixtures, and other computer equipment on your desk. These three tasks don’t need to be completed every day, but rather approximately once a month.

Shared Bathroom

The dreaded bathroom area, where nobody wants to be the one to clean it. But hang on! Let’s rewrite this narrative!

Cleaning the bathroom doesn’t have to be a difficult task pinned on one person. This can and should be a collective effort by everyone in the office. A simple bathroom office cleaning checklist can include:

  • Spray disinfectant to disinfect toilet seats and sink surface
  • Keep paper towels stocked
  • Make sure to refill toilet paper
  • Routinely empty trash cans
  • Keep soap dispensers full
  • Sweep the floors

While some of these tasks are intended to be completed daily, there are also monthly office cleaning tasks that can make all the difference in the world. One of these is using glass cleaner on the bathroom mirrors, scrubbing the toilet, and making sure to mop the floors.

Implementing a shopping list for cleaning products can contribute to your office always looking its best. Your office cleaning checklist can be used daily, weekly, and monthly. This list demonstrates how commercial cleaning isn’t necessary to have a tidy office space. All you need is the collective help from your staff!

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