Here at COI we offer chair and partition cleaning. We can clean almost any type of chairs from task seating to lounge seating. With the chair cleaning, not only do we do the fabric, but we also clean the arms, bases and backs as well.

The partition cleaning can be done at any time and we can do any size. With the partition, not only do we clean the fabric, we also clean the top caps, end trims and the base plates.

Project Management and Consulting

COI offers Project Management to customers. With the experience that we have obtained over the years, we are able to coordinate with other trades when it comes to furniture installation on any level. COI provides the skills that will help with construction schedules being met when it comes to move in dates. Working with the electricians, data cabling, carpeting, painting etc. We communicate the furniture delivery and installation schedules to insure seamless transition from one trade to the other when it comes to the furniture.


COI Offers commercial storage for our customers. We have a 23,000 square foot facility that we use for inventory management, customer storage and 3rd party logistics. COI has both dock height receive and ground level receiving. With a total 17 dock doors we can handle any kind of traffic coming in and out of our facility.

We currently are in the process to add more racking to further optimize our space. Give COI a call for more information on our storage capabilities. 208.947.4004